How to Use Real Estate Listings and Maps to Find the Perfect Home

Many people who are looking to move to Hawaii and the surrounding islands can find extra help by using the multiple listing service that will list detailed information on every home that is available throughout all of Hawaii, including the islands of Oahu, Maui, and Kauai. The multiple listing service is a popular home listing service that has quickly gained ground throughout the years. Many people were limited to speaking to a real estate agent or real estate companies in order to find a home. Using the Honolulu MLS will cut a persons time in half, and give them more control over finding their own homes without needed the help of an agent. The listings will have all of the information that a person needs in order to make an informed decision on whether to buy a home. They will have the prices, as well as the down payments for a home. They leave no stone unturned when trying to give the best accurate information for homes.

The real estate market in Hawaii has remained stable throughout the many economic nightmares that have been visited upon other states and cities. This is mainly because Hawaii remains one of the top places for people to travel on vacation, and to move when looking for the perfect place to live. The island of Hawaii has always been seen as a tropical paradise, so the real estate market has continuously been booming. Most homes do not stay on the market for more than a few months before they are bought out. There is plenty of properties available throughout Hawaii. Most people will not have a problem in finding the perfect home in the perfect location. People who live in Hawaii enjoy the natural habitat, and the friendly communities that the islands have to offer.

Many people choose to live on the island of Oahu for its rich cultural history, and gorgeous landscapes, beaches, oceans, palm trees, and tropical gardens. It is one of the most populated areas out of all the islands in Hawaii, except for the big island. The real estate market in Oahu is plentiful with many affordable condominiums, town homes, private homes, and estates that are located near the beach communities, and inland. People who would like to find a home in Oahu can find a great service at aloha mapper which gives them a large list of all available homes in the area. The website and listings are easy to use that will give a person the type of homes, pictures of the rooms, floor plans, size, appliances, amenities, prices, and maps. People using the service can also find comparable prices for other properties that may fit better for them. The listings will also give the name of the real estate company, as well as phone numbers so that a person can talk live to an agent to express their interest in buying a home in Oahu. Most people will find the multiple listing service as a convenient way to have all of their questions answered before even contacting an agent.

3 Keys to Investing in Oahu Real Estate

You have some investment capital and decide to put it into Oahu real estate properties. You are an inexperienced Real Estate Investor. You are attracted by the revenue potential that is available in rental real estate. What can you do to avoid investing in bad rental properties? How can you manage your investment risks so you generate positive cash flow every month? Here are three keys you can use to protect your investment, make money and keep your peace of mind intact.

The first key is to know your market. Who are your ideal customers? What are their buying habits? Who are your competitors? Which properties are likely to generate the best return for you? You will need to know the answers to these questions before you make any buying decisions. Being an investor is not for the faint of heart. You could lose all your investment capital if you can’t recognize a good investment from a bad one. You have to learn to make informed business decisions to effectively protect your investment and make money. This means you cannot allow your emotions to get in the way of making money. Knowing the dynamics of your market also helps you develop an acute awareness of where to put your next investment dollars.

The second key is to know your numbers. What is your rate of return? What is your break even point? How can you generate more positive cash flow from your rental properties? When do you need to sell your investment? Savvy Investors keep track of the numbers that provide the key indicators to profitability. If you do not take the time to keep track of your numbers then you will not be able to minimize expenses. You will also not know what you can do to increase revenue in a timely manner. Too many investors have lost money because they have not developed solid financial intelligence. This type of intelligence can only be gained by understanding financial investing numbers.

The third key is to assemble your investment support team. Smart Investors assemble teams that maximize profit and minimize losses. You will need to have a Lawyer, Banker, Certified Public Accountant and Real Estate partner at a minimum. There needs to be chemistry and competence between your team members. You will make the final decisions on all transactions. Your team will give you advice so you can make informed investment decisions. Having the right team assembled will be a key factor in making money or losing money. Make sure you take the time to choose them wisely and reward them well.

Education in Paradise

Iolani School, one of the nation’s largest independent schools, is a private, co-educational college preparatory school that serves over 1,800 students.Founded in 1863, the school has been serving some of the state’s best and brightest students for

more than a century.Just across the Ala Wai Canal from prime Waikiki real estate, the campus is divided into two parts: an upper school for grades seven through twelve and a lower school for students in kindergarten through sixth grade.A highly selection

admissions process sees that only one in every seven applicants is actually offered a space at Iolani School.

One of Iolani’s major selling points is its academic excellence.The middle 50% of SAT scores ranges from 1730 to 2100.In 2008, the school had almost half of all of the state’s National Merit Semifinalists.About one in every seven students was honored

with the distinction.Iolani School is also well known for its athletics programs.In 2009, the school won the boys’ soccer, boys’ golf, and boys’ swimming state championship titles along with a host of league titles. Historically, Sun Yat-sen, a Chinese

revolutionary and the first president of the Republic of China, attended Iolani years ago.

Buying a second home in Hawaii

Waikiki Beach at sunset, looking east from the...Image via Wikipedia

Diamon Head is one of Hawaii’s most prolific icons and graces the island of Oahu’s south shore.  Known to Native Hawaiians as Leahi, the volcanic tuff cone received its current name after British sailors noted calcite crystals embedded in the mountainside and mistook them for diamonds.  Part of the Koolau Volcanic eruptions that created the eastern half of Oahu, Diamond Head today is a defining feature of the Waikiki shoreline and is preserved as a United States Monument.  A number of pieces of prime Diamond Head real estate takes advantage of this natural beauty, making for an immeasurable island living experience.  As a Hawaii vacation home to many, Diamond Head has become one of the most popular second home vacation destinations in the state. No where else in the world can one climb dried out mountain cliffs, swim in the warm blue seas, sun on sandy beaches, and explore green forests within such a small area.  Diamond Head, one of the most recognizable places in Hawaii, truly graces the sights of Hawaii with its beauty and prestige.  The unusually high property values in the area promote a unique local culture and an active lifestyle.  Because many homes go uninhabited for large parts of the year, the streets are especially quiet as well.

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Buying a House

Sign Of The Times - ForeclosureImage by respres via Flickr

With the current economic recession and relatively low housing prices and high number of foreclosed home, now is a good time to buy a house if the have the resources.  Although owning a house is an important part of every persons life, the task of finding the perfect house that suits you may be no easy task.  However, if you know your budget and what kind of house you are looking forward, you will soon be on your way to buying the home of your dreams. 


There are several different paths you can take to purchasing a house.  You can ask a lending company for a list of foreclosed homes, look in the newspaper, drive around to check out homes that are on the market, or contact a realtor so they can help you to start your search for your home.  You can also look on the internet, which is one of the faster and cheaper ways to look for a potential home.  But before you start searching for a house, you must be aware of what kind of house you can afford and you should settle mortgage terms and be fully aware of them.  If you are a first time house hunter, getting help with a realtor is the best way to go because they will listen to what kind of house you need and what you can afford.  It is important to know how many rooms you want your house to have, the size, and any other features that you would like.  From that your realtor should be able to give you a list of possible houses which you can choose from, and in no time you will be in your new home.

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Moving Your Pets

Moving into your new home is very exciting, for your entire family!! But did you know that introducing your dog or cat (or birds, hamsters, etc.) into a new home can be incredibly stressful for them?


Fortunately, there are a lot of things that we can do to make this transition easier, which in the end makes it easier on us!

  When moving, if possible, it’s a good idea to leave the dog or cat with a friend it knows.

This will keep your pet out of your way when you are moving furniture, and decrease the chance that any accidents may happen. You can also leave the dog in the backyard while you move, as long as it is fully fenced and they cannot escape! Can’t do either?  Well then, the last option is to create your dog or cat while moving the furniture into the home. Make sure the crate is large enough that they can stand up, turn around and lay down comfortably, and be sure to give them access to water and let them outside to ‘do their business’ every few hours. Doors will be left open, items will be dropped, there will be a lot of commotion, and the best way to keep your pet safe during this time is to keep them out of the way!


During the packing process, you can actually plan ahead to make this a smooth transition. Instead of trying to cram the packing into one or two days, pack over a longer period of time to the stress on your pet (and probably yourself as well!). Make sure that you pack their water and food bowls, toys, and blankets/beds in a separate box that will be easily accessible once you are in your new home. Dogs and cats do not like change, just like people, so the more familiar the setting, the better! 


Housetraining is always a big issue, and even well-trained dogs and cats may not know where to ‘go’ in a new home. When you bring them to your new house, make sure that they are taken into the back right away, where they can ‘do their business’ or shown the kitty litter box. It may sound silly, but it’s always a good idea to reward them with praise, so that they know they did something good!  You will want to keep en eye on them to make sure that they are able to find the door to the yard whenever necessary. 


For puppies, the rules need to be modified slightly. You still want to show them where the door is, and give them lots of praise when they go where they should.  Be sure to let them outside as often as possible, especially immediately after they eat, wake up, and every 10-15 minutes during playtime! There will be accidents, no puppy is perfect (adorable yes, perfect no!), so be patient and keep it positive!


Another point to keep in mind is that a puppy can ‘hold it’ for approximately 1 hour for every month they are old. For example, a puppy that is only 2 months old, can generally ‘hold it’ for approximately 2 hours at a time. This may not apply to every puppy, as they are just as different from each other as we are from other people, but it does give you an idea of what to expect. 


For other great tips on housetraining your pet, please visit The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or The Humane Society of the United States.


Some other great links for advice on moving with your pet include:  


Hawaiian Humane Society – for building that accept pets on Oahu Hawaiian Ag Dept – for Hawaiian quarantine laws Pet Realty Network – full of moving info for cities around the country Pets Welcome – a great website for finding pet friendly hotels, for those long distance moves Air Animal (pet movers) – for the really, really long distance moves 

Things to know about moving to Hawaii

Hawaii is a dream place to own a home. The real estate in Hawaii is a booming industry as every year thousands of people move to Hawaii with the hopes of living in ecstasy. The very idea of leaving in Hawaii is fascinating. But to make it a delightful experience few important things are essential for you to remember before you move here.


1. Remember that Hawaii is an island state and this makes it difficult for you to shift many items. Shipping would be quite costly and also it would take some time to arrive.

2. There can’t be a second opinion that Hawaii is a paradise on earth, but still it has some limitations of earth. Negative things like crime, traffic are also present in this place. Also, like other places, Hawaii has many rude people. For few days people might feel that they are living in a land of bliss. But then, the reality sinks and realizes that life is after all not the bed of roses.

3. The Hawaiians mainly prefer to be friends with the native people. So, in order to make acquaintances, you need to be out going and very friendly.

4. Hawaii is a popular place to invest in real estate. This has made the price of the real estate in Hawaii exceptionally high, primarily in Honolulu.

5. Hawaiian has a culture of taking their shoe’s off the feet before stepping in anyone’s house. Therefore, show respect to their culture and don’t take your shoes inside.

6. The beaches of Hawaii are extremely wonderful. But don’t go there with the misconception that you would enjoy the charisma of the beaches of Waikiki everyday. Remember you will have enough work to keep you busy like the office work or the household work. But of course you can take some time from your busy work schedule every now and then to enjoy the fresh air of Hawaiian beach.

7. Remember that in Waikiki rainfall comes quite often. So take proper precautions.

8. The weather of Waikiki is such that everything rusts quickly. You might need to replace things quite frequently, especially in those parts where rainfall is quite heavy.


9. The life of Hawaii is slow paced as compared to other places. So learn to walk slow, drive slow and live slow.


10. People who have managed to live in Hawaii for their entire lives just love this place.

 So before you move to Hawaii, make up your mind to adopt yourself like a true Hawaiian, to feel the bliss. 

Selecting your neighborhood while you invest in real estate

If you are looking for real estate investment in Hawaii, than don’t forget to consider buying a house in a proper neighborhood. A well selected neighborhood not only determine who would be living close to your home, but it also affect other factors like commuting, educational facilities, public works, and also the resale value of your house. Let’s check how real estate investment in a proper neighborhood can go a log way in making your life comfortable and tension free. 1. One important factor for determining a proper neighborhood is the quality school available in that area. If you have children, than buying a home close to good schools would be very advantages to you. The information’s about the schools in Hawaii could be gathered from Department of Education and also by attending teacher’s board meeting. 2. Purchasing a home in Hawaii is like a dream come true. No doubt Hawaii is a paradise on earth but than to survive you would require other essential stuff as well. You can’t just laze around in the beach throughout the day and go home in the evening. Other amenities like water, electricity, phone, police protection, transportations are also required. Like in many splendid locations of Hawaii water and electricity is a main issue. Therefore, before you make an investment in real estate also consider these factors. 3. In Hawaii satellite and cable connections are available but not in all locations. If these are crucial for you, ensure that the area in which you purchase a home has these facilities. In Hawaii, there is a limitation with regard to LAN

phone lines and cell phones. But these are important, isn’t it? So check out the areas where the phone facilities are available. 4. Remember to notice the ground and noise pollutions. The ideal way to find such thing is by visiting the prospective house at different hours of time to ensure if there are such issues. To gather information’s about above mentioned things can help you a great deal in finding a home at a splendid location along with the availability of all the amenities required for a comfort living.

Secrets of buying best house

Buying a house can be a biggest investment in a person’s life. People spend almost all the savings in buying their dream house. Therefore, everyone wish to get the secrets of buying a best house so that they get best in the fair deal and resemble their dream house in Hawaii.


Before you buy a house in Hawaii, look into few tips that can help you to buy the best house. Some of the tips are:


Get Pre-Approved: It is always great to get the best property in the least amount. In this case, you should know how to negotiate brilliantly. The buyers should not get pre-qualified and rather get pre-approved. You should not speak to the lender over the phone as a lot of things remain unexplained or clarified. It is always better to speak face to face and get verified. It may take few days or even take few weeks but is always better to have a safe deal.


Play the game of nine: You always need some additional facility when you decide to buy a house. Therefore, make a list of all the things that you wish to have at your new home. Rate every home that you come across according to the priorities and the one which gets the biggest score gets to win.


Do not be pushed into any house: Do not make any hasty or quick decision. Decide to buy the house only when you feel that you have seen enough in the house and is worth buying. Earlier the decisions were taken very quickly but now it is very important to dig out all the information on the home. Look for all the facilities near the home which can be beneficial for you and your family. It can help you a lot in your daily life. All the info related to the home offered by the dealer or agent can be seen in the websites on Hawaii real estate on internet. This information save you from buying any wrong home.


Therefore, a good home in Hawaii can be only the one that suits your entire requirement. Take time to decide and follow all the techniques to buy the best home in Hawaii.

Pros and cons of owing a house in Hawaii

To invest in real estate in Hawaii is like a dream come true for many people, while for others it’s a nightmare. Every land has some pros and cons; it does just depend upon your comfort level and personal preferences. Before buying a house in Hawaii, it’s important to know about the advantages and disadvantages of living in this place.   Advantages of investing in real estate in Hawaii: 1. Hawaii has gained recognition all over the world for its beautiful beaches. The most popular activities of Hawaii include snorkel, spearfish, Scuba, surf and waterski. The beaches are covered with beautiful white sands. 2. For the people who love adventure, mountains in the Windward Oahu look extremely magnificent. One of the beautiful ranges is Koolau mountain range which provides remarkable views. So if you own a house in Hawaii, then you can enjoy your adventurous tour almost every week.

3. Comparatively, the life in Hawaii is quite slow paced although the downtown Honolulu and Oahu has much faster life.

4. Hawaii is endowed with beautiful sunny weather. The weather is pleasant almost every single day. This makes your investment in the real estate in Hawaii a real bliss.

5. While you make an investment in Hawaii’s real estate, feel comfortable as you will get all the amenities of a comfort living in this place.


Disadvantages of investing in real estate in Hawaii:

1. While choosing real estate in Hawaii, your home work should be properly done. Life in some part of Hawaii is very slow paced while in other like downtown Honolulu, it’s quite faster. Therefore, before you invest in real estate think properly what kind of life you would want and accordingly invest your money.

2. Many official procedure of this place is very slow like you can obtain driver’s license only from one place that too after waiting in a long queue. If you think that you need a better service than this, a home in Hawaii is not for you.

3. Oahu is a small place. If you love driving and go out of the town every now and then, then owning a home there is fine. But if you just sit there, after a couple of years it would drive you crazy.

4. Oahu is an island, so shipping is quiet costly out here and you may have to pay more than what you do in your present location.

As we have seen that investing a home in Hawaii is a bit disadvantages in many ways, it’s wonderful in many other ways. So if you get the feel of true Hawaiian, you would love to invest and stay here.